Netarhat (Jharkhand)

                  नेतरहाट एक पहाड़ी पर्यटन-स्थल है। यह समुद्र सतह से 3622 फीट की ऊंचाई पर स्थित है। रांची से यह करीब 150 किलोमीटर की दूरी पर स्थित है। प्रकृति ने इसे बहुत ही खूबसूरती से संवारा है। यहाँ पर लोग सूर्योदय व सूर्यास्त देखने आते हैं। यह नजारा नेतरहाट से करीब 10 किमी की दूरी पर आकर्षक ढंग से देखा जा सकता है। इसके अलावा यहाँ घाघरी एवं लोअर घाघरी नमक दो छोटे-छोटे जलप्रपात भी हैं, जो प्रसिद्ध स्थल हैं।
छोटा नागपुर की रानी’ के नाम से प्रसिद्ध नेतरहाट झारखंड की राजधानी रांची से 156 किमी पश्चिम में लातेहार जिले में स्थित है। समुद तल से 3700 फीट की उंचाई पर स्थित नेतरहाट में गर्मी के मौसम में पर्यटकों की भारी भीड़ रहती है। वैसे तो सालो भर यहां ढंड का मौसम बना रहता है। यहां का सूर्योदय और सूर्यास्‍त देखने के लिए भी लोग आते है। घने जंगल के बीच बसे इस जगह की प्राकृतिक सुन्‍दरता देखते ही बनती है। पर्यटक यहां आने पर प्रसिद्व नेतरहाट विद्यालय, लोध झरना, उपरी घाघरी झरना तथा निचली घाघरी झरना देखना नही भूलते है। झारखंड का दूसरा सबसे बड़ा फाल बरहा घाघ (466 फुट) नेतरहाट के पास ही है। नेतरहाट में वन विभाग की अनुमति के साथ शूटिंग भी किया जाता है। यहाँ कुछ भागों में बाघ बहुतों की संख्या में है। नेतरहाट के विकास के साथ यहाँ पर्यटक, शिकारी काफी आकर्षित हो रहे हैं। नेतरहाट एक बहुत महत्वपूर्ण पर्यटन स्थल है।
Falling in the Latehar district of Jharkhand, Netarhat is the highest point of Chotanagpur plateau, popularly known as Queen of Chotanagpur. It is best known for the sunrise and sunset views it offers, especially during summers. When travelling by road from Ranchi to Netarhat, you will cross seven hills on your way and a little more than 96 miles.
Netarhat comes under the tag of lesser-known tourist places. Netarhat is around 156 km to the west of Ranchi and 210 km from Daltonganj. It is also notable for the renowned Netarhat Residential School which was started in the year 1954. Essentials like medicines are a must-carry as there is a low probability of chemist shops being present nearby.
Netarhat, a small hill station located in the Latehar district of Jharkhand, is a hidden jewel. Often referred to as the ‘Queen Of Chota Nagpur Plateau’, Netarhat is stuffed with natural beauty. The hill station is covered with dense forests of Sal, Mahua, Kendu, Eucalyptus, Pine, and Pears trees. Netarhat was once the favorite destination of the British officers who visited the place quite often to relax during summers.
Located at a height of 3,696 feet, Netarhat is home to some endangered species of snakes like python and also sometimes Elephants, Tigers and Wolf are spotted as it is located close to Betla National Park.

Sunrise Point

The sunrise point is the best point to watch a sunrise in Netarhat. The place is excellent to capture a time-lapse. Visit the place early morning to not miss the spectacular view of the sun.

          Koel View Point

Koel View Point is the perfect place for peace lovers. Far away from the hustle-bustle of the cities, watch the serene Koel river flowing through the green dense forest here.

Netarhat Dam and Lake

Netarhat Dam and Lake located amidst the long pine grasses and hills create a perfect place for a picnic. Spend the day admiring the blue hills of Netarhat, sitting on the bank of the lake. It also an ideal place for fishing as the lake is home to many varieties of fishes such as Rohu, Catla, Mrigal and many more. Also, many local birds visit the lake for fish hunting which also makes it an ultimate place for bird watching.

Upper Ghaghri Falls

Upper Ghaghri is a small waterfall located at a distance of 4 KM from the hill station of Netarhat. River Ghaghri gives birth to two falls in the Latehar district, namely Upper Ghaghri and Lower Ghaghri Falls. The backdrop of the fall makes it an amazing place for a picnic.

   Surkai Ghaghri Falls

Surkai Ghaghri Falls located at a distance of 58 KM from Netarhat is one of the offbeat destinations. While searching for the best places to see near Netarhat, we hardly find Surkai Ghaghri on the list. The untouched waterfall surely needs much more tourist attention then it gets

                  Best time to visit Netarhat

          The best time to visit Netarhat is during the months of March to April. However, to enjoy the chilly winters, the best time to visit is between the months of November to February. Avoid visiting during the monsoon months of July to September.

                 By air

Take a flight from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata to Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi. It takes approx one to one and a half hours to reach Ranchi by air. After reaching take a cab from the airport to Netarhat.

The distance between Birsa Munda Airport to Netarhat

  • 148.6 km via Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.
  • 206.8 km via NH143A and Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.
                                By Rail
There are no direct trains between Howrah Junction and the nearest station Lohardaga. So, you can board a train from Howrah Junction to Ranchi Junction and then board another train from Ranchi Junction to Lohardaga which is a one and a half hours journey. After getting down at Lohardaga book a cab to Netarhat.
The distance from Lohardaga to Netarhat
  • 84.7 km via NH143A and Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.
Another route will be to board a train from Howrah Junction to Barwadih Junction. It is a 12 hrs to 15 hrs journey. Take a cab or auto from Barwadi Junction to Netarhat.
The distance between Barwadi Junction to Netarhat
  • 95.9 km via Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.

               By road

You can self-drive from Kolkata to Netarhat in your private car or book a rental cab.

The distance between Kolkata to Netarhat

  • 562.3 km via NH19.
  • 550.9 km via NH43.

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